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Atlantic Estuarine Research Society

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Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Subcommittee

JEDI’s Roles

Responsible for providing strategic guidance and implementation activities for AERS society’s diversity, equity and inclusion plan and initiatives through their role in leading the Committee, staffing the Board Committee and advising the Executive Team. This subcommittee plays an important role in inspiring enthusiasm and momentum in society’s efforts to cultivate diversity, promote equity, and foster inclusion.  

JEDI’s Mission

Foster, cultivate, and preserve a society’s culture that is inclusive, fair, and equitable to its members and promote participation of people from diverse racial, cultural, and societal background.

Suggested Activities

• Suggesting the society to use and encourage using pronouns

• Reach out the minority serving institutions to introduce AERS and encourage students and faculty from those institutions to become members and participate in AERS Meetings

• Encourage participation of students and young professionals from diverse background to the committees and AERS Board

• Identify keynote speakers advocating JEDI in Estuarine Sciences

Please reach out to the JEDI committee if you have any ideas or would like to be involved!

Gulni Ozbay (

Maizer Sparkman (

Juan Ramos (


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